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Did you know that it is a legal requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1974 for any business to have a written Health and Safety Policy & Statement and written Risk Assessments, if they have 5 or more employees? You might also need COSHH assessments, tool box talks or a ‘competent person’ looking after your business.

We can help you decide what you need for your particular business in your industry. Every business is different with different requirements.

It is a legal requirement for ALL businesses to have a written Fire Risk Assessment at all times no matter what size the business.

It is Good Practice and will help with due diligence for any business that encounters the general public on their premises or deals with the general public on a regular basis and for any business of medium to high risk to have the Health and Safety Policy and the Risk Assessments written and to ensure that all employees are aware and working with the documents.

It is important that the documents are all read, signed and acknowledged by all management, employees and contractors as necessary.

We can make sure that all this is done for you and that you are kept up to date with any changes in legislation, that you and your business get the training you need and the advice you need when you need it.  We look after you and your business as one.

Let us arrange a free audit of your health and safety in your business.