The best people are found through the most targeted recruitment.

Finding the right people to fit your business isn’t easy.  Even if candidates have the right skills, you need to ensure that their personality fits with your team and their values match your business objectives.

Evergreen HR Consultancy in Staffordshire make successful recruitment straightforward by managing the process from start to finish.  We drill down to find your exact requirements needed for your vacancy and marry these with your business goals to determine a list of essential skills.

Our approach is qualitative and we focus on targeting only the best candidates that match your needs.  Our interviewing is competency based and requires applicants to demonstrate that they possess the skills as well as the right attitude and compatibility for your business.

We always remember that the people we put in front of you represent us as well as themselves.


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Happy New Year
By Sue Green

We hope that you have had a fantastic Christmas and we wish you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Now is a very exciting time for businesses as it is usually a time where you are considering the direction that you’d like to take your business in, to plan ahead, to expand into existing markets



GDPR is coming!!
By Sue Green

There are a few very important changes in employment law that you need to be aware of that will be happening in 2018! March and May 2018 – Changes to Fit for Work – On the 31st of March 2018, the assessments service provided under the Fit for Work service stopped accepting new referrals in December 2017 in England

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