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In many organisations, we see individuals getting promoted into management positions. The real challenge for the new manager who has been promoted is not just learning how to perform their new role but also to manage the transition from being ‘one of the team’ to becoming their former peers manager which can be fraught with problems as the team dynamics of how the manager performs their role with their former workmates changes.

The reactions from the team may vary from being supportive through to resentment as they challenge the new managers authority. The reality is that the working relationship isn’t going to change overnight and it will take time, perseverance and application of some basic principles to get the team on side.

So to get started, here’s our Top 5 tips for getting the team on side:

1) Motivations – Learn about what motivates your team. Individuals have basic motivations which are money and providing for their families, but then some (not all) employees want to take on more responsibilities which challenge their own abilities.

2) Your Approach – Think about your own individual management style. Think about any successful leaders in your organisation and which approach will ‘win your team over’.

3) Have Individual Meetings with the Team – Let your individual team members know that you value their input and that team work is key for the company goals to be achieved.

4) Keeping them Informed – Make sure that the team understand what the key company goals are, how they contribute towards them and what actions are being put in place to support them in achieving those goals.

5) Be Real – If you’ve made a mistake, own up to it and share it with your team. This will make you more approachable and help you to develop stronger trust relationships with your team which equates to higher performance.

By following these simple steps,, it will help a new manager to develop and grow into the role and equally importantly, gain the support of their team so that they are maximising their contribution to the company’s goals.