How can you manage your teams through the redundancy process with kindness?

How can you manage your teams through the redundancy process with kindness?

Many companies have been impacted by the current situation. Some have gone into administration, some have had to make redundancies, restructurings or diversified into new markets and other companies are thriving, such as Netflix and Zoom.


As an employer, if you’ve looked at all options to avoid having to make redundancies, such as, flexible furlough, lay offs and other forms of cost cutting, then unfortunately making redundancies can be a daunting next step. 

It can be an incredibly difficult experience not only for the employees impacted but also for the managers who are delivering the message to them who may also be 'at risk' of redundancy. 

In this article, we wanted to focus on providing you with some ideas/suggestion to help you to manage redundancy in an effective way and with compassion for those impacted.

So what is the key to making redundancies with compassion?

  • Make sure that they understand their rights and options.
  • Keep the lines of communication open so that they can raise any questions/concerns with you.
  • Provide them with some outplacement support to help them to focus on and plan for the future, eg, financial planning/CV writing/interviewing skills workshops.
  • Extend the use of counselling services and other relevant tools.
  • Consider tools for ongoing communication, such as, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype etc..

Another major factor in all of this is to ensure that you think about the survivors, eg, employees and managers who have had to break the bad news:

  • Ensure that the managers/senior managers are available, supportive and upbeat.
  • Keep the lines of communicatiion open so that everyone knows what is happening and to give them reassurances and focus for the future.
  • Extend the use of counselling services to the wider team.

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