COVID-19 is changing the way in which we work!

COVID-19 is changing the way in which we work!

Without a shadow of a doubt, it has been a challenging time for a lot of organisations and COVID-19 is prompting one of the greatest transformations in how we work, communicate and learn!

The key question is how this transformation will impact the workplace, you, your team, and your organisation?

In our rapidly changing, technological world, every organisation can benefit from building flexible teams that can respond rapidly and effectively to organisational needs /opportunities.

Here are 4 top tips that organisational leaders can take to develop and support a flexible workforce.

1)  Flexibility

In order to be truly flexible employees where they can perform their best work at the times that suit their needs whilst not compromising on the needs of the business, organisational leaders need to offer flexible ways of working which enable their employees to work from home.

2)  Change your way of thinking

There’s so much software out there to help organisations with remote and real-time communication such as, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp, etc..  Employers can help workers by offering training on how to use these systems.  However, equally as important is achieving a cultural shift.

3)  Don’t be a stranger

While many employees now want the ability to work remotely, or have flexible working hours rather than coming into the same office, it’s still vital for organisational leaders to facilitate opportunities for colleagues to communicate with each other as a team.  Regular video calls are all good ways of building strong, flexible teams and ensuring that individuals don’t feel isolated by having regular team chats.

4)  Standardisation

Make sure that you have policies and procedures in place to ensure that your employees are applying the same approach to how they work, eg, booking holidays, operating within core working hours, reporting sickness etc..

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